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Test tube
    Publish time 2019-11-09 18:18    

Different sizes plastic test tube, can have stopper,made of PP or PS, with FDA approved, some have graduation Plastic Test Tube with cap/stopper.
Item Name: Plastic Test Tube with cap/stopper
Certificates: CE, ISO13485 and FDA
Material: PP,PS.

Test tube
Item Code        Description
MDS-TT001     15X100mm
MDS-TT002     13X100mm
MDS-TT003     13X78mm
MDS-TT004     12X60mm
MDS-TT005     12X75mm
MDS-TT006     12X78mm
MDS-TT007     16X53mm with cover
MDS-TT008     14X41MM with cover
MDS-TT009     5ml graduated tube with cover
MDS-TT010     2ml hemopexis tube with cover
MDS-TT011     2ml hemopexis tube tube
MDS-TT012     BD tube
MDS-TT013     Six edges tube
MDS-TT014     MLA-E-750tube
MDS-TT015    5ml conical tube
MDS-TT016    12ml conical tube with cover
MDS-TT017    urine tube
MDS-TT018    olympus AU tube
MDS-TT019    olympus AU cup
MDS-TT020    Holland weituson tube
MDS-TT021    12X75m PP tube
MDS-TT022    13X1000mm swab tube
MDS-TT023    12X75mm swab tube
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