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Ultrasound & ECG Gel
    Publish time 2019-11-08 08:18    
1.MEDISEA Ultrasound Transmission Gel
has a thicker,no-slip formula that remains viscous even when applied to salty skin. This salt-free, formaldehyde-free formula eliminates the air between the transducer and the skin,offering exceptional coupling efficiency for more effective treatment and diagnosis.
Formulated to be acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used in medical ultrasound applications.
Features: Water soluble;Non-greasy;Non-irritating;Easily removed with tissues and a towel.
Directions: Apply gel to diagnostic or treatment area directly.The amount required will depend upon size of area. 
After completing the examination,wipe out the remaining gel with tissue or tower.
Storage: store in a cool dry place.
Warning: This product is not to be used on broken skin,musical surface or for invasive procesures,External use only.
Packing: 40bottles/ctn; 42x27x21cm/ctn; 11.5/10kg/ctn.
Expiry date: Two years.
PS: Sterile us gel available 20ml/foil pouch,400sachets/ctn.
Disposable sterile ultrasound gel provides ease of use for doctors, assures the patient of about the product for the first use.
In any kind of ultrasonography and doppler application, it cuts off the air between the skin and the probe and allows ultrasonographic waves to reach the device monitor in a more clear and uninterrupted manner.
Used in vaginal and intrauterine examinations.
Single packed with 20ml.  Gamma Sterilized.
2.MEDISEA ECG Conductive Gel
is a multipurpose gel with excellent conductive properties specially formulated to provide clear and consistence ultrasound transmission throughout a broad range of frequencies,the ideal choice for all medical ultrasound procedures where a gel is preferred.
Non-toxic and irritant effect on the skin, water soluble and cleans easily,non-oil or oil materials, no formaldehyde, no salt.
No damage and corrosion to the ECG electrode.
External use only,in the checking skin areas of the ECG electrode.
Ingredients: Aqua(water),Carbomer,Paraben,Triethanolamine,Propylene Glycol, Kcl,etc.
Technical Parameters:
Sound Speed (35ºC): 1520~1620 m/s
Electrics impedance(35ºC): 13~17
Sound Impedance Frequency (35ºC): 1.5~1.7×106 Pa.s/m
Sound Attenuation (35ºC): ≤0.05 dB/(cm.Mhz)
Viscosity (25ºC): ≥15 Pa.s
PH Value: 5.5~8.0
Specifications: 250ml/bottle, 40bottles/ctn
150ml/tube, 50tubes/ctn
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